Traditional Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is wood that is cut into short narrow boards better known as floorboards. A hard wood is mostly used for flooring and can come in different colors and styles.
The boards are produced from one piece of timber. The wood has to be dried before attempting to saw. Once sawn, the floorboards are packed untreated and taken to the manufacturing plant where they will be treated and finished. The final step is to package the boards up ready for retail. It is very important that at the time of production, no water has been in contact with the boards to eliminate warping while in storage.
Manufacturing Styles
When producing wholesale hardwood Columbia SC floorboards, there are several manufacturing styles to choose from.
  • Rotary-peel, treating the wood by boiling the log in water. Afterwards a rotary blade peels back the wood starting from the outer edge and working inwards toward the center.
  • Dry sawn, logs are heated at low temperatures to evaporate all the moisture from the center of the log.

Engineered Wooden Floors
Engineered wooden floor is exactly as it sounds. Two or more layers of wood are contacted together to form a board. Even though the boards are made entirely of wood, they are known as engineered because the planks or boards were the result of woods joined together, as opposed to hardwood floorboards that are manufactured from a single piece of wood.
The durability of engineered boards make this product one of the most common sought after products in home DIY. Households use this product all over the world as it can be installed over the top of any type of original floor surface.
A lot of people get confused between laminated floors and engineered wooden floors. Laminated floors use a wood image stuck on a board made entirely of layers of silicon and vinyl. Engineered wooden floors are artificial boards, but manufactured using actual timber.
Comparisons Of Hardwood And Engineered Wood Floors
As both of the products quality is of the highest standard, it is very hard to compare each product. Hardwood floors have a tendency to show gaps between the boards over time. Hardwood boards are usually finished on site in board format. Hardwood boards are installed by nailing them into place.
Engineered wooden boards are not site finished, has rounded edges and instead of being nailed into place they are glued or installed as a floating floor.
Types Of Installation
  • Tongue and groove, down one side and at end a groove is carved out and down the other end a tongue is cut out. The boards interlock each other by sliding the tongues into the grooves.
  • Board joiners, this system involves all the boards having grooves carved out on all sides of the board. The boards are then joined together by strips of rubber or plastic with tongues cut out. Two boards are then joined together using this tongue connector that slides into the grooves of both boards.
  • Glued, wooden floors can also be glued down if it is being installed on top of a finished concrete floor. This method is usually only used during the installation of a solid wood parquet floor.
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